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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Image courtesy of Tess Guinnery / Murwillumbah Floods, Australia

Does art really matter in times of crisis?

What is my role as an artist in these times? Can I really make a significant contribution creatively or should I be helping more directly?

What is the point of it all when faced with floods, droughts, global pandemic and war?

These are just some of the questions I'm asking myself yet again as the rain pelts down and the evacuation warnings are pinging on my phone for another impending flood.

The schools are shut and my own creative practice seem like a less than significant contribution to the world right now.

Perhaps I should be asking, do I have enough toilet paper?

But that's not the biggest question for my right now ...and I'm sure I'm not alone.

So, what is the role of art in society as we struggle to come to terms with the imminent challenge to our existence?

On reflection, although it won't save our life directly in an emergency (unless you're using it as a boat or floatation device), art still matters in a tumultuous world and here's why.

  1. Art allows us to examine what it means to be human and in doing so, brings people and ideas together

  2. Art allows us an opportunity to document and to process significant events

  3. Great works of art are brave and often confronting, forcing us to consider alternative perspectives to our own

  4. Art connects in ways that news and direct information cannot

  5. Art sparks social change and increases awareness about things that need our attention

All of these things seem to be extremely important right now. Don't you think?

Along with lending a hand, contributing to financial recovery, making changes to our consumer habits and becoming more active to see a better reflection of our values shared by our government ...we need to keep making art.

Whether it's bold and brave and confronting, a personal reflection of what's happening for you or something beautiful to inspire hope and connection...

Make it.

Keep making it.

Keep reading it, seeing it, feeling it, hearing it and don't stop.

And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Stay safe (in body - not in expression).



Gollum and Ice Age’s Scrat covet toilet paper in Eme Freethinker's Gollum and Scrat, Berlin, Germany 2020 image courtesy of EME Street Art.
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