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Mirrored in the sky ~ Finding elements of ourselves in the landscape

I pieced together this poem late one night

like I piece together a painting.


by element

Sifting through words like a complex composition.

Choosing only what springs forth itself

what wants to be seen

or felt

or heard.

Creating these pieces of paint and prose is much of a similar process.

I start with one element, a tree, a corner of sky and it builds on itself like a tapestry.

Without the other it would have little meaning but together, the words, the colours and gestures ~ shape a story.

Uluru Composition was named just for that reason. A collection of elements that create a composition on the canvas.

In all these elements we see ourselves.

We find our story mirrored in everything around us.

And the separateness that haunts us, falls away.

Mirrored in the Sky

It hangs heavy

Like the build up

This ever-changing air

of push and pull

She’s always there

With a gentle, subtle constant

A drawing towards the land

Towards the earth

To find home in something bigger than yourself

You sense this place

of stories so ancient

Falling ~

You prostrate yourself in reverence

There she is

There you are

Mirrored in the sky

You belong here too

And at once

find your home.

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