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Taking Home The Kimberley Art Prize

My work 'Ghost Gums At Dusk' has won the Kimberley Art Prize - Open Category.

I KNOW! ...I am elated.

I couldn't be more excited to be part of this prize and to also have been part of this community. To have my work recognised alongside some incredible artists, is a dream come true.

For those who missed my email about my time in Derby, WA and are interested in what it was like can read about it here.

And now back to the easel (with some extra spring in my step).

Love ya x

Ghost Gums At Dusk, 2022

Acrylic oil stick & chalk on board

45 x 50cm

About this work

When the dusk sets in over Nyul Nyul country, the whites of the ghosts turn pink, dancing up into the darkening sky. Everything glows and the heat of the day is forgotten and the land and heavens seem to vibrate as one. There is nowhere on earth more beautiful and to me, more Australian, then in that fleeting moment.

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